Life Coaching

Live. Love. Thrive.

Mary Rust

Live your Purpose, Love with Passion and Thrive beyond Potential

It's time to restore your health and life by tapping into your body's innate healing capacity.

As a Natural Breast Cancer Survivor, Life/Health Coach and Certified NES Wellness Practitioner, Mary has a deep understanding of the life transformation process and the body’s innate healing capacity.  Health, Healing and Happiness is a process of transformation from the inside out.  As your coach and practitioner, she will work in partnership with you to naturally heal and restore. She incorporates the NES Total Wellness System into most of her programs and protocols.  It works by scanning your body's energy field and reading energetic and information distortions within your Human Body Field.  Energy and information in your body field is then corrected through the use of Infoceuticals and the miHealth scanning device.  By correcting your energy and information, your body is then able to function at optimal capacity and activate your own healing ability, thus restoring your Life and Health.  Appointments are available in person and by remote sessions.  For more information on the NES Total Wellness System, visit this link:

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